Chifa is culinary tradition based on Chinese Cantonese elements fused with traditional Peruvian ingredients and traditions. Though originating in Peru, the Chifa tradition has been adopted by neighboring countries like Ecuador and Bolivia. Chinese immigrants came to Peru mainly from the southern province of Guangdong and particularly its capital city Guangzhou in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They settled for the most part on the coast of Peru and in the capital city of Lima.


Wantan Frita 
Crispy pork or vegetable wantan with tamarind sauce

Cebiche Chifa
Gulf fish & shrimp, aji baccatum (a semi-hot, fruity pepper), sesame, ginger, pickled radish, red onion, crispy sweet potatoes, peanuts. Vegan version features seasonal vegetables.

Sopa de Choclo
Creamy soup of giant Andean corn, aji rocoto

Pollo or Tofu Tipakay 
Fried chicken or tofu in a tangy sweet and sour-like sauce
Served with chaufa (vegetarian fried rice)

Sweet potato fritters, with cane syrup and satsuma sorbet

$57.77 including tax, one beer, wine or juice, not including tip.

Saturday, December 24th

Seatings at 6 and 8:30 p.m. 

Fourth Annual Jewish X-mas Eve Dinner