Sustainable Seafood

Sustainable Seafood - Our Pledge to You

Carmo is committed to serving only seafood which has been sustainably and reliably sourced. Whether you’re eating our shima sashimi, ceviche or one of our many seafood specials, you can rest assured that the fish you’re eating is fresh, and has a traceable lineage.

With few exceptions the fish we serve is local, drawing from the dozens of species which grace our Gulf coast. In the case there’s something that isn’t harvested from our local fisheries, like our Patagonian salmon, it adheres to the strict standards of Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program recommendations.

Part of Carmo’s seafood sustainability pledge has to do with featuring underutilized species. These fish sometimes appear as bycatch in other fisheries. An example might be small squid or whiting which show up as bycatch in shrimp nets, scorpion fish which might be caught on a snapper trip, or oyster drills (a type of snail) which show up as bycatch on oyster boats. Many times, by utilizing this “bycatch,” pressure can be taken off of more “popular” species, allowing their stocks to rebound.

We are committed to supporting education and conservation efforts in our community and beyond. In conjunction with our local partners like the Gulf Restoration Network and Slow Food NOLA,  Carmo has hosted numerous special events , such as sustainable seafood dinners, bycatch happy hours, screenings of relevant documentaries and meetings involving industry stakeholders, students, members of the media, the general public and culinary professionals.

Finally, our commitment is to you, our customers. You need to know that what we say we’re serving is what we’re actually serving, and the specifics of when, where and how something was caught is accurate. We invite you to dine with us and experience the difference that being a good steward of our oceans, our planet can make … you can actually taste it!

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