Our Curries

Carmo’s curries are created with our own painstakingly-researched, fresh spice mixes and pastes. Most dishes are available made with local seasonal vegetables, fresh Gulf seafood, organic chicken, and sustainably-raised pork. Accompaniments may include house-made chutneys, pickled vegetables and house-made roti (flat bread)

Island Curries

Colombo Curry

From the French West Indies of Sri Lankan origins it is distinguished by its use of brown mustard and black pepper.


Trini Coconut Curry

A creamy coconut curry with distinct notes of fenugreek, cayenne, ginger, cloves and star anise.


Seychelles Creole Fish Curry

A distinctive curry from the Seychelles Islands includes tamarind, coconut, curry leaves and chili peppers.

Ambrevades au curry

A pigeon pea coconut curry native to the Comoro Islands


Mauritius Island Curry

Thyme, curry leaves, coriander, ginger, turmeric and  chilies help set this traditional curry apart from any other 


Subcontinent Curries


Kerala Curry

Chilies, curry leaves, mango pickles, ginger, coriander, mustard seed and coconut make for an addictive flavor combination.


Chole Masala

Of North Indian or Pakistani origins, this flavorful dish is stewed chickpeas, onions tomatoes and chilies


Dudhi Kofta

Bottle gourd (seasonal) deep-fried dumplings are stewed in a rich spicy gravy of tomatoes, chiles and cashews.


Goa Fish Curry

This Portuguese-influenced curry perfectly showcases fresh seafood, with hints of coconut milk, tomatoes, green chilies, citrus and sweet spices


Mughlai Curry 

A very special medieval Indian “Mughal dynasty” dish of organic chicken or vegetables stewed in a creamy sauce of almonds, cashews, chilies, saffron and spices


Southeast Asia

Nari Ayam - Curry Debal (Devil’s Curry)

From the Eurasian Kristang culinary traditions of Singapore, Malacca and Malaysia. The sauce combines a special roasted chili paste with galangal, lemon grass, vinegar and soy sauce.


Malacca Curry

A chili-heavy curry with candlenuts, lemongrass

Indonesian Yellow Curry

Fish sauce, shrimp paste, coconut milk and tamari combine with Indonesian yellow curry paste for an extraordinary

Cambodian Coconut Peanut Curry

A study in contrasts pairs creamy coconut and peanuts with savoury fish sauce, spicy peppers, green papaya, pineapple, sweet corn and citrus.


Lao Red Curry

Seasoned with galangal, kaffir lime leaves, chilies, charred onion, lemongrass, coconut and our own Lao red curry paste

Thai Yellow Curry

Fish sauce, tamari, paprika, coconut, lime, ginger and our fresh yellow curry paste make this dish speak, loudly.


Burmese Fish Curry

Paprika, chilies, ginger, shallots and turmeric in a tomato-based sauce, different and delicious.



New Orleans Creole Curry

Our interpretation of a unique and traditional 130-year-old local curry recipe with a surprisingly exotic yet subtle spice blend.

Japanese Curry

One of the curries that we use pork and mushrooms, deep umami flavors enrich this dark gravy.

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