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Maqaquito (The Little Monkey)

Maqaquito means little monkey, but in this case we’re referring to a very specific and special monkey named Abelino, let’s call him Abe. He lives in Brazil in the jungle near the small Amazon River community of Sacambu. Always hungry, his brothers and sisters make fun of him because of how much he eats, and especially how much he loves bananas. You might even say that he’s absolutely bananas for bananas!  Frequently, he would play near a hut on the outskirts of the city. Sometimes he would see a little boy looking at him from a window. One day, he decided to get a closer look. As he drew near, he saw a banana in the boy’s hand which was stretched out towards him, as if to say “this is a present for you.” Of course, he had to accept so he jumped from a nearby tree onto the window sill. As he reached for the banana the little boy grabbed him tight, and Abe let out a screech! At that very moment, a woman who appeared to be the boy’s mother ran into the room and screamed “let that monkey go!” He immediately obeyed, but unfortunately Abe’s path to the window was blocked by the boy, so he ran in circles about the room while the mother yelled “get that monkey out of here!”  The little boy chased him out of the room and through the house and into finally into the kitchen, where the father had just finished baking a pizza. Little Abe still had that banana in his grasp, and just as he jumped up on the table to avoid the little boy’s pursuit, the banana slipped from his hand and landed right in the middle of the pizza, which is how the Maqaquito was born!

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