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Rudra's Roti

Rudra (his friends call him Rudy) lives in Colombo, which is the capital of Sri Lanka. Since he was a little boy, now he’s 5, he has liked to help his mother, Ayomi, in the kitchen. Once, she let him help make roti (round flat bread) and he discovered he was very good at it. In fact, his roti were even better than his mother’s. After that day, Ayomi let Rudy make the roti whenever he wanted to.  On one occasion, a friend of the family, Banduka, who happened to own a restaurant of the same name just down the street, was at their house and noticed the near-perfect roti. “Who made these beautiful roti,” Banduka asked. “Rudy of course,” Ayomi said, pointing at Rudy who was now peeking around the corner with a big grin on his face. “Well, those are better than what I sell at my restaurant, would you come and show my cook how to get such perfect results?” Rudy responded in the affirmative by nodding eagerly now with an even bigger grin on his face. From that point forward, on the menu at Banduka’s Restaurant the title “Rudra’s Roti” was proudly displayed to the ultimate delight of everyone who ate there.

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