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Brianna's Bento Box

Brianna (her friends call her Bri) lives in New Orleans. She’s ten years-old and just started the 5th grade. Since she was very young, her father Michael and mother Linda have observed how good she is at making something new out of things she found around the house, or out in the garage. Once, she used old clay planters and saucers to create a bird bath and feeder. It was really a huge success judging from all the birds (and one sneaky squirrel) who were using it regularly within just a few days. Another time, she created a solar oven out of a funnel, tinfoil and a fork, and it actually cooked a marshmallow perfectly! Because she likes to make her own things so much, her mother got her a bento box to take to school for her lunch. It’s a lunch box like kids in Japan use, with six compartments which her mother fills with some her favorite ingredients. She combines them in a different ways depending on her mood and taste that day. For instance, one day she took a slice of bread, put a piece of tofu and a slice of cucumber and tomato on it, folded it over and wrapped it in a lettuce leaf. However she decides to concoct it, she always adds a little awesome sauce, one of her favorite creations.

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