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Sultana's Delight

Sultana is from the city of Surat, Gujarat, in Western India. She just turned six and received a DVD of a film starring the famous actress that her mother, Jigna, told her she’s named after. She herself likes to act and often demonstrates her dramatic skills to her friends by reciting lines from popular films, from memory!  Her creativity began to be recognized by others too. Recently she was cast as the top role of princess in her school’s semester play. However, the night of the final performance, there was a disaster! Just as she came out on stage for the most important final scene, a boy named Pran, who was previously holding onto a rope which secured the large curtain which would be dropped at the end of the play, temporarily had tied it to a chair in order to pursue a big green lizard which had scurried up an adjacent wall. It just happened that that the director, Mr. Meer (who the kids called Kako) was sitting in that chair. He also happened to be a very large man and was also unaware of Pran’s decision to tie the rope to the chair. So when Kako arose from his seat to prepare for the end of the show, the chair shot up into the air like a rocket, and the large heavy curtain fell to the stage with a thunderous boom! Sultana had observed all of this in what seemed like slow motion, but she could do nothing to stop it, and now she stood behind the curtain with the audience unable to see her, or anything for that matter. Almost without thinking, she found her way to a divide in in the curtain, stepped out in front of the audience and proclaimed, “no boy, no lizard, no curtain can silence me; I am the princess!” And she continued to deliver her final lines to great applause.  From that day on, she realized that it’s good to pay close attention to your surroundings and be flexible.  She also likes to make up new dishes when she’s in the kitchen helping her mom with dinner. One day she created this,  her “delight!”

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