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Terezinha (little Tereza) lives in a small town in Brazil. She attends school with her little sister Amelia. Her favorite subject is science and during one class her teacher, Miss Abreu, taught them that you could take the pit from the avocado, pierce it with three toothpicks and suspend it over a glass of water and it would actually grow! Each student did that, nearly all of them sprouted and eventually she brought hers home. Her father Paulo helped plant it outside and after a year it was already over 3 feet tall! Another year passed and the tree continued to grow quickly, but there was a problem … no avocados. Terezinha was a little disappointed, so she asked Miss Abreu when the tree would produce avocados. “It takes at least 8-10 years, Terezinha, you have to be patient.” She planted the tree when she was eight, two years had passed and now she was now ten.  It’d be another 6 years, which meant that … 8 + 2 + 6,  she would be 16 years-old before there was even a possibility of seeing an avocado from the tree! She realized that not everything could happen as quickly as she would like, and suddenly she had a new respect for how much effort it takes to produce delicious vegetables and fruit, like avocados, which she likes so much that she adds them to nearly everything, including her rice and beans!

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